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Exquisite Corpse

Hey there!

Welcome to Exquisite Corpse (an experiment in casual creativity*).

It starts off with a communication, a letter received in the post. Next, a quick sketch on the back of a postcard. An excuse to engage our hands away from a laptop or computer, and communicate the slow way.

After the postcard has been sent back through the post comes the digital part. Submissions are uploaded below, along with a link to request the artist’s postal address, completing the cycle of analogue-digital-analogue.


*  casual creativity
     1. the opposite of deliberating
     between grey and light black
     for three and a half hours.

Playing Offline
Contributors (drop one an email to ask for their postal address)

Susan Barnett
Mr Bingo
Maddy Cunningham
Holly Davies
Jan Dirk de Wilde
Emily Durant
Peter Gilchrist
Joyce Guley
Grace Lant
Nuria Melero
Mark Pawson
Lisa Prowting
George Stone
Migvel Tepes
Anne-Marie Wadlow
Tess Wyatt
Hannah Weiland

(If you want to submit your own body part, then request a pack using the form below)


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Playing Online
Instrucions on how to play the website game.

Hover your mouse over the left and right on the body parts to choose your favourite one.

When you have decided, type in the name of your creature in the box above, and click SUBMIT YOUR CORPSE below to see them looking exquisite in the gallery!
Submit your corpse!

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